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Dahle Shredder Supplies & Accessories are specifically designed for Dahle shredders. By using the following products you are guaranteed to achieve optimal performance and greatly prolong the life of your shredder.

Dahle Shredder Oil

Formulated for Dahle shredders, this oil offers high cling value and low dust retention. Proper oiling guidelines for your Dahle shredder and an MSDS are provided for your convenience.

DAHLE Shredder Oil

Item No. 20740

For use in all shredders. 6 x 355mL.

Item No. 20741

For use with auto oilers. 4 x 3.78L.

Dahle Shred Bags

Specifically designed to fit your Dahle shredder, these 1.5mm thick shred bags feature gusseted sides to allow for greater volume of waste material.

Shred Bags

Item No. 701

All personal and 20300 Series. 100/box.

Item No. 704

20400, 20500, 20600 Series. For CleanTec 412xx Series Shredders. 100/box.

Item No. 705

All Multi-Media & Department. For CleanTec 413xx and 414xx Series Shredders. 100/box.

Item No. 706

All High Capacity Shredders. For CleanTec 415xx and 416xx Series Shredders. 100/box.

Dahle Filters

The Dahle CleanTEC® is the World's only shredder with a fine dust filtration system. This integrated system collects fine dust particles created around the cutting cylinders, and forces them into a specialized filter on the back of each machine. This CleanTEC® filter permanently traps up to 98% of the fine dust, and provides a cleaner, healthier work environment.


Item No. 20710

All CleanTec Shredders. 1/box.

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